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First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, then comes… a Dance Studio.

Recently, it was Mother’s Day. I love celebrating my mom. I know without her I wouldn?t be the person I am today. Her kindness, patience and her ability to overcome so many obstacles in life are truly inspiring to me.? My mom was never your typical dance mom. You would never find her packing my dance bag, or organizing my costumes, and you would never see her at the studio. But, that wasn?t because she didn?t support me; quite the opposite. She spent all her time at work, making sure I could do what I loved, and that was dance. For that, I am forever grateful.? So, Happy belated Mother?s Day to all our mothers. I hope it was a wonderful day. I know mine was because I got to celebrate the amazing woman who brought me into this world.


This Mother?s Day also brought with it something new. As a new dance studio owner, I find myself, at moments, having a hard time opening up my life to so many people. When I started this journey, I knew I would have to answer a lot of questions. Opening up a business there are a ton of questions people have and I have no problem answering all of them. However, I had no idea that the hardest questions people would ask would be so personal. Maybe it was because of Mother?s Day, but there is one question that has come up so many times I have stopped counting. ?When are you having a baby??


I wish I could answer this question once and for all. So, here is my attempt to do just that?


At the start, when people would ask, I would always say the same thing, ?Those plans have been put on hold.? Still, to this day, that is, in fact, the case. I will be honest, we have tried in the past, prior to our dance studio dreams, but we haven?t been successful. I hope that most women would understand how personal that question is, and how hard it was to write this. This is where it starts to feel a bit too personal for me. So, when people ask the question I usually say the answer with a polite smile, but under that smile is heartbreak and wondering if I will I ever get the chance to be a mom.


Since I get asked the question so often I started to wonder, where does this question come from? And, why does it need to be asked? Maybe, it?s because people are worried that if they make a choice to move to our studio that I would ?abandon? them with mat leave or lose my commitment to their child if I had my own. Whatever the reason, I just don?t feel the baby question needs to be asked because whatever answer I give doesn?t change a thing for my dance family. I CAN have a baby and a great studio. Women have been proving this every day. I was raised with so many amazing working mothers around me, who, not only made it work, succeeded at both. Like I said, I watched my mom succeed at work and still be a great mom. I?m sure it wasn?t easy, but she managed, and I know with the amount of family and support I have, I will as well.


So, yes, Mother?s Day does make me wonder when it will be my turn; and I?m sure it still makes people nervous. But, rest assured, like I said at the start, for now, our family baby plans have been put on hold. A hold that I hope will not be forever. It may take a while until I can finally have a family of my own, but I am planning for that day. Part of my decision to open YMM Dance Company was to create a studio for my future children. I am creating a space that I know they will have to come to sometimes with me. So, I am filling that space with love and amazing instructors who I want to influence them and shape their lives. For when that day comes, I cannot wait to welcome a little YMM Dance Baby into the mix, because I know, a baby of my own will not only make me an amazing mother, but an even better dance teacher to every single child that comes through our doors.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]