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Our Pricing Schedule

We know you have choices, so we have done our best to provide you the best value for our lowest prices.
The more classes you take the less money you pay per class because we love your loyalty and commitment.
For your convenience, we have split up the cost into 10 easy payments.

*Some classes are subject to costume and exam fees. For a list of applicable classes click here.

**Vocal, Guitar, and workshops do not count toward your overall class count and discount. Those classes are billed separately.

*These classes are subject attire fees. For more details click here.

* Adult Tap is apart of the Year End Recital. Prices do not include costume fee.

Adults, Want to Mix it Up a Little? Get a 10 Class Punch Pass

$145.00 - Valid for one season only.

Registration Fee - $50 / FAMILY


Competitive Team Info

This is a serious program that requires hard work and commitment. We require that the dancers and parents are team players
and work together for the success of the entire studio! The dancers that are in the competitive level will participate in 3-5 competitions.

Crew Team Info

Do you love to do other activities but still love to perform! Do you want to compete in dance but still
want to play after school basketball.. well then Crew is for you! Crew members are only required to take 2 classes- jazz & hip hop. Crew members can do solos/ duos or take part in a crew groups number for competition. Crew is a great way to get the best of both worlds!