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A few weeks ago, I received an email from the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce. It said I had been nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Award for this year?s Business?Awards.? I?m not going to lie, I had to read the email a few times just to make sure what I was reading was correct. It was, and I was completely shocked! Floored to be exact.

To be nominated for such a prestigious award after only being open for a few months is truly humbling.? I want to say thank you to all of you who voted for YMM Dance Company and give a big congratulations to all those who were nominated. It was truly an honor to have been nominated among so many amazing businesses in Fort McMurray.

Since the gala is all about celebrating local businesses, I decided to head to one of my favourite local stores to find the perfect dress. Now, I have to admit, I was a little late on getting a dress for the event, and by little late I mean the same day as the event. So, here a huge shout out to Drop Dead Darlings and their amazing staff for taking this dancer teacher out of her lululemons and?helping me find the perfect dress for the evening.

It was an evening of many first! This outing would officially mark my first event where I attended as YMM Dance Company, and it also meant it was the first time I would be leaving the studio early. I felt like a nervous parent leaving my baby for the first time, but with Miss Jenna holding down the fort, I knew I could attend the evening without reservations, as I knew she had everything under control.

To sit at a table reserved for YMM Dance Company and to be able to celebrate the night with my mom, husband and a few of my close friends was truly amazing. I do have to say the food was fantastic, but I found myself becoming a little nervous as dessert was being served. It was getting closer to the awards. Once the awards portion of the evening got started I had so many thoughts running through my head. As it got closer to my category, I prepared myself to be the ?gracious loser?. I can imagine what you are all thinking, ?Why were you being so negative?.” To be honest, it?s kind of a habit. You see, I spent so many years as a dancer on stage not winning during award categories, that I think my mind naturally went back to my 16-year-old self, standing on stage waiting for the results. So, you can imagine my surprise when they announced that I won! In that moment my mind went kind of blank and the rest becomes a bit of a blur. All I can remember is that my first thought was that I was proud. Proud because all those times I stood on stage and didn?t win didn’t matter anymore, because I didn?t give up on myself. I knew my time was coming and one day it would finally be my turn to shine.

If I learned one thing from the awards night, it was that maybe I should have prepared a little speech. ?Once I sat back down in my seat, I realized I forgot to thank so many important people.? One being my husband. I have to admit, I think he was a little sad as a few other winners after me thank their spouses?oops!?So, for the record, ?Thank you to my wonderful husband, Tyler. You are my downbeat?.

I am still on a little high after winning the award, but I do feel like the pressure is on.? There is nothing wrong with having a little pressure when you look at it as a challenge. It?s the challenge of making the business the best it can be that makes me so excited to see what the future holds for our studio. Thank you to all who have come along on this journey, so far, with us for our inarguable season! I am feeling truly blessed, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I hope to make you all as proud as I was the night, I won the award. Thanks again to the Chamber of Commerce for the wonderful recognition.