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Adapt Syllabus


When I decided to open up YMM Dance Company I knew I wanted to make sure we had a strong tap and jazz program. I knew that would take a great syllabus.? When I came across the ADAPT syllabus I knew this was what I wanted for our dance studio. Some of my favourite dance studios I like to follow on social media use the ADAPT syllabus and they are fabulous studios. So, without hesitation, I booked the course, made travel arrangements and we were ready to spend one week in Toronto at the ADAPT Teacher training school.

Miss Jenna and I attended the Year One course and Miss Alyssa took part in the Assistant Teacher Training course. The moment when Mr. & Mrs. Foley started talking we were all mesmerized. Everything they said about dance techniques and dancers were bang on. For us, it was one of those Oprah ?Ah Ha? moments. We couldn?t get over how fast each day went, and we couldn?t wait to get up the next day and do it all over again. We spent 75% of the day dancing, making our way through the junior syllabus, and the other 25% spent in a lecture style course.

Mr. & Mrs. Foley were truly amazing teachers. Their knowledge of dance is truly inspiring and we felt like sponges all week; soaking up as much knowledge as they were sharing. I found myself during the course thinking, ?Wow, if only I was taught this when I was younger I would have been a much stronger dancer.? I left the course feeling excited and ready to teach this new syllabus to our dancers, because I truly believe that following the ADAPT syllabus will make our dancers so much stronger

What I like about the ADAPT syllabus is that our dancers can do jazz & tap exams. I believe exams are important for our dancers. It keeps the kids working towards a tangible goal. However, the best part is that it is a two-way street. We, as teachers, know we only have so much time to teach the syllabus and get our dancers ready for the exams. And, with that said, we also know that we are getting looked at and critiqued as well on how we are doing as teachers. With this syllabus in place, we all have a clear path and are all accountable for success. I also think it?s a great way for parents to see the progression and improvement of their children. So, win, win, and win.

At the end of the day, what I love is quality control. Being a studio owner, I know there will be times I can?t always be in every room, but knowing that my staff are being trained in the same syllabus is comforting. It?s comforting because we will all be on the same page when it comes to technique, and I think ultimately, we will see our dancers progress even faster. I can?t thank Mr. & Mrs. Foley and their staff enough for everything they did during the teacher training.? I am so looking forward to teaching our students the ADAPT syllabus and returning for year two next year.

Miss Jenna Experience

On day one, walking into the Adapt Syllabus Teacher Training, I really had no idea what to expect. I knew we were there to learn new techniques and more efficient ways of introducing movement to our dancers, but what I didn?t realize was how much I would learn beyond the technical elements. Mr. and Mrs. Foley are so passionate about inspiring us teachers to inspire our students. There was not a moment throughout the entire week that I did not feel captivated, motivated and inspired by them. They have passed down their passion for dancing to countless generations including their children and grandchildren and when I realized how successful they have been at keeping the LOVE of dance alive in each student, all these years, I knew I was being mentored by the right people. For me, that?s what it?s all about. With our heads full of knowledge, our notebooks full of scribbles and our hearts full of inspiration, Melinda and I left our very first trip as YMM Dance Company teachers feeling more than ready and more confident than ever in ourselves and the difference we will make in our students lives. I can?t wait to see how our experience together at Adapt will affect our first year and all of the beautiful years thereafter at YMM Dance Company. You?re gonna wanna stick around for this!!!

Miss Alyssa Experience

Honestly, I did not think life would bring me to Toronto this summer, but in the end, I?m beyond happy it did. Entering the classroom of the assistant teacher training program I knew I was in the right place for some amazing training over the course of the three days. My mornings consisted of standing up in front of 43 people saying your name and a little bit about yourself in your loud assistant voice. During my classroom time, we would discuss age groups and details on assisting, hands-on assistant experience, master classes and a little bit of homework each night. The teachers at ADAPT are full of positivity, they made me want to learn more and more each day. It?s crazy to think that 43 people, just like me, in one room all have the same purpose – to become more knowledgeable, as we increase to be more valuable.

ADAPT Syllabus