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YMM Dance Company

At YMM DANCE COMPANY we BELIEVE in the development of all our dancers. We take pride in celebrating the unique qualities and skills of each dancer. Our staff have the passion to GUIDE each student to achieve their personal best while developing the love for dance. It is our mission to provide a positive, healthy and safe environment that will INSPIRE our dancers. We hope they leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and always strive to become a better dancer. At YMM DANCE our dancers, parents, and staff are all part of one big dance family that UNITE by working together to reach the shared goals of our studio.

Meet Our
amazing Owner & Artistic Director

Welcome to YMM Dance Company! I cannot wait to start dancing with all of you and kick off our inaugural season.? At YMM Dance Company, we take the time to recognize every dancer. It doesn?t matter if you take one class or twenty classes, everyone is a member of YMM Dance. It is our goal to make every dancer feel apart of our YMM Dance family.

?Make a difference. Create a better world by being kind. Kindness is enduring. Kindness is Contagious. Kindness makes everyone feel good?- Elsie Yanik .

That is one of my favourite?quotes and it is very fitting. I want our studio to be a place of kindness. So, when you first step into our dance studio you will notice the Elsie Yanik Children?s Creative Corner.? Our children?s corner is named after the late Mrs Elise Yanik and is a place for our younger dancers to use before or after class to create art or play. Mrs Yanik believed in a world where kindness makes a difference.? We hope that every time a parent,?student, and staff member look at the corner they are reminded that kindness is what makes YMM Dance so amazing; and sets us apart from the rest.? We treat each other with kindness and with the power of kindness every dancer can succeed.


Progressing Ballet Technique Certified Teacher

Acrobatic Arts Module 1& 2 Certified

Society Of Russian Ballet Associate Member

Edmonton School of Ballet Junior Grades Teacher Certification

Film Arts & Production Diploma

Producer Trainee on TV Show ``Blackstone``

Winning the 2009 Young Choreographer award at Edmonton?s American Dance Awards for ?Walk the Line.?

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor Certification

Melinda was my teacher for many years, but the most memorable things she has taught me go beyond the walls of a dance studio. She has taught me what it means to be patient, when your fuse is short and it feels like time is running out. She has taught me to be thoughtful, the little gestures mean more than you think. She has taught me to be brave and to always fight for myself, no matter what I am facing. She has taught me there?s nothing a little Starbucks can?t fix and that even though dance is one of the biggest parts of my life... it isn?t my WHOLE life. Taking time for yourself and the people you love always comes first. Melinda instills a sense of confidence in her dancers through the way she supports them and shows them genuine love. Thanks for all of your support, lessons and love over the years, Melinda.


I had the pleasure of teaching dance along side Melinda. She is a talented individual who truly cares about her students, and puts her heart and soul into all her choreography. I learnt so much from watching her do her thing and look up to her as a teacher and as a friend. She?s truly an inspiration not only to me but to all those who get the opportunity to work and be taught by her. Her passion is evident in everything she does. You?ll fall in love with her bubbly personality and in love with D A N C E

Leticia Klicpera

Melinda as a dance instructor for our children has been a blessing.??Not only with her technical ability but her passion for dance which has allowed our children to truly grow. Melinda encourages each child to truly express themselves through Dance in a safe and nurturing environment.??Seeing the joy my children experience in her company is heartwarming.?? We are so excited to see what the next year will hold.

The Barrett girls ??

Since our daughter was 3 years old she has been in dance.??There are very few teachers that have left an imprint on her heart like Mrs Melinda has.??She shows the dancers how to have compassion, love for their sport, and a passion like no other.??Her willingness to be vulnerable lets our kids trust her and confide in her.??As a parent it?s important to trust the person you leave your child with and I believe she checks all our boxes.??Her ?BUBBLICIOUS? outlook on life makes for a positive environment we can all be proud of being a part of.??YMM Dance Company is the future of dance in Fort McMurray and we can?t wait for our daughter to begin a new chapter in her life.?

Dance Parents

Miss Melinda thank you for the things I can't seem to put in words!


When my daughter Bridget walked into the studio at 4 years old to be taught ballet by Miss Melinda I had no idea the impact it would have on her life! Because of Miss Melinda?s encouragement and consistency, Bridget is growing up to be a confident young woman! Miss Melinda?s passion for dance is second to none, she goes out of her way to ensure every child fulfills their potential, giving them all her attention. Miss Melinda has taught Bridget to embrace her body, personality and individual talent. Miss melinda has given the gift of confidence to so many! Thank you for your compassion and gift of dance to Bridget!

Wanda Kaye Costello

Miss Melinda has been teaching dance to our kids for for a number of years. She has not only taught them technique but instilled confidence. Her style of teaching makes her students want to put in 100% effort. She is respected, loved and an excellent teacher/role model. Dance is hard work but she makes it enjoyable and a positive learning experience.

Dance Parent

Melinda?started dancing at the age of eight years old and since then she hasn?t stopped. At the age of fifteen, Melinda was one of two Canadians chosen out hundreds of dancers from the United States to take part in a six week US National Tour with Hoctor?s Dance Caravan. At seventeen?Melinda?moved to Vancouver where she became a member of The Source Dance
Company under the direction of Joanne Pesusich. Performing in such shows as: Zig or Zag, The Choice is yours, Scratch That, Grease, Fashion Music Arts Awards and For the love of it. She has won and received numerous awards and scholarships for her dance and choreography abilities. At only 18 years old she won the Young Choreographer award at the Edmonton?s American Dance Awards for her contemporary group number called ?Walk the Line,? and most recently receiving an outburst of accolades for her piece ?Come Home? a tribute to the Murdered & Missing Aboriginal Women.?Melinda will return to The Source Dance Company this year to choreograph a piece for their upcoming show.?Melinda has extensive training in many genres of dance that includes Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Acro. She is an affiliate member of The Society of Russian Ballet and a module one certified teacher with Acrobatic Arts. Melinda?is also a graduate of the Toronto Media and Film College with a Film Arts and Production Diploma and has worked two seasons as a producer trainee on the APTN show Blackstone.